Aims of PSS

The aims of the Perinatal Society of Singapore, as laid down in the constitution, were:

1. To promote the health and welfare of the fetus and newborn;

2. To promote better rapport between different disciplines in the field of perinatal healthcare;

3. To undertake continuing education in perinatal care at levels of medical practice by means of conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.;

4. To identify areas of deficiency within our perinatal care set-up so as to concentrate efforts to improve future strategies;

5. To standardize perinatal data collection and documentation;

6. To encourage research in the field of perinatal medicine;

7. To establish a close working relationship with government and non-government agencies involved in activities and programmes for perinatal healthcare; and

8. To disseminate information on the objectives and methods of perinatal care to health professions and the general public.